The Region

The systematic cultivation of rice in Greece begun in the 1950s, and since then it has a growing presence both in the internal market in Greece and abroad.

Its cultivation is associated with the region and the land where it is grown since the area’s biodiversity and the local environment play an important role in the cultivation of rice.

The rice fields are mainly located in coastal areas and the Deltas of the rivers of Greece.

Beginning from the central region of the country, rice is cultivated in areas along the course of rivers Achelous and Spercheus.

Moving to the north, we come across larger rice fields in the Deltas of rivers Loudias, Aliakmon and, naturally, Axios.

Along river Axios and in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, rice cultivation begun as an experiment in the area of Chalastra in 1949.

More than 16,500 hectares are cultivated with rice in this area today, while its production represents 55% of total Greek rice production, thus making a noteworthy contribution to both the local and the national economy.

Enjoy some beautiful drone shots from the region!

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