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February 24, 2021
B2B meetings on June 1st and 2nd 2021, in Lebanon
June 1, 2021

From 22th to 25th of May 2021, an in-store promotion activity took place in 25 selected stores and supermarkets in Amman, Jordan. Specially trained promoters were providing all relevant information regarding European Rice to the consumers who visited the promotional stands of European Rice. During this activity, the consumers were informed regarding the special characteristics, the way of production and the unique quality of European Rice, filled out the special research questionnaire of the program and took one free sample of European Rice and one informational brochure. For a total of 4 days of the promotional activity, 25.000 consumers were informed about European Rice, at the following stores:

  1. Kareem Al Nasr
  2. Kareem Khirbeh
  3. Kareem Estiqlal
  4. Kareem Nazzal
  5. Kareem New Zarqa
  6. Kareem Al Huriyah
  7. Kareem Jumrok
  8. Sameh Mall Areefa Mall
  9. Sameh Mall Swaileh
  10. Sameh Mall Wehdat
  11. Sameh Mall Gardenz
  12. Sameh Mall Mecca
  13. Yaser Al Husami Al Bayader
  14. C-town – Amman Mall Al Waha
  15. C-town Estiqlal
  16. Omran Mall Al Huriyeh
  17. Omran Mall Al Khirbeh
  18. Al Salam Stores Nazzal
  19. Al Safaa Mall Tabrbour
  20. Sulaleh Abu Nsair
  21. City Star Al Yasmeen
  22. Saadi Abu Odeh Al Khirbeh
  23. Hajeh Mall  Qwaismeh
  24. Daily Stores Al Yasmeen
  25. Najmet Abu Nsair Abu Nsair

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