Highlighs of IFE Exhibition, London, 2024
March 26, 2024

From 20th to 24th of April 2024, an in-store promotion activity is taking place in 25 selected stores and supermarkets in Jordan. Specially trained promoters were providing all relevant information regarding European Rice to the consumers who visited the promotional stands of European Rice. During this activity, the consumers were informed regarding the special characteristics, the way of production and the unique quality of European Rice, are filling the special research questionnaire of the program and take one free sample of 500 gr European Rice and one informational brochure. The following stores are:

  European Rice Tasting Test
Promotional StandsAddress
1Omran MallKhrebet Alsouq
Omran Mall
Omran Mall
Al Muqabalayn
Omran Mall
Nadi Alsebaq
5City StarAlyasmein
6Time MallTabarbour
7Jaber MallTabarbour
8 Jaber MallAlhashmi
9Najm AlwadiRas Alein
11Aswaq AlsalamMarka
12Tamween Wadi AlseerWadi Alseer
13Wast AlbaladMarj Alhamam
14Jarash MallJarash
15Al Aqrabawi MallHai Massoum
16Moath MallHai Massoum
17Sameh MallArefeh
18 Sameh MallAlgardens
19 Sameh MallSweleh
20 Sameh MallRas Alein
21 Sameh Mall7th Circle
22C-TownAmman Mall
23 C-TownAlisteqlal Mall
24 C-Town7th Circle
25Yaser Al AbadiAlbayader

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