B2B Meetings on 27th and 28th February in Jordan
March 3, 2022
Press Event in Amman, September 2022
September 26, 2022

From the 12th to the 15th of March 2022, an in-store promotion activity took place in 25 Amman outlets for 4 days, total 100 days of testing.

The activity included the placement of 25 specially designed stands with the project logos and messages, EU co-funding and ‘Enjoy It’s from Europe’ in 25 outlets, namely in large retail chains such as Emran Mall, Sameh Mall, C-town and in stores located within large shopping malls. At each point of sale, a trained promoter informed consumers about the product by giving a brochure of the program and a 500g rice packet free of charge as a sample. At the same time, questionnaires were completed by consumers to record their opinion and views on the product.
The stores where the action took place are the following:

1. Emran Mall Khrebet Alsouq

2. Emran Mall Alyadode

3. Emran Mall Almoqabaleen

4. Emran Mall Nadi Alsebaq

5. City Star Alyasmein

6. Time Mall Tabarbour

7. Jaber Mall Tabarbour

8. Jaber Mall Alhashmi

9. Najm Alwadi Ras Alein

10. Aswaq Alsalam Marka

11. Tamween Wadi Alseer Wadi Alseer

12. Wast Albalad Marj Alhamam

13. Al Aqrabawi Mall Hai Massoum

14. Al Aqrabawi Mall Nadi Aldobat

15. Moath Mall Hai Massoum

16. Sameh Mall Alwehdat

17. Sameh Mall Tabarbour

18. Sameh Mall Algardens

19. Sameh Mall Sweleh

20. Sameh Mall Ras Alein

21. Sameh Mall 7th Circle

22. Alwaked Alsalt

23. C-Town Amman Mall

24. C-Town Alisteqlal Mall

25. Yaser Al Abadi Albayader

During the action, 25,000 rice samples were distributed (250 samples per store per day) as well as 6-page or 24-page brochures of the project to the customers.

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