The Plant of Life

Rice is a key ingredient of the nutrition for most part of the planet. It was introduced to Europe from the naturalists who followed Alexander the Great in his expeditions.
It found fertile soil in Mediterranean Europe and was grown, loved and became part of European culinary tradition. European rice is today distinguished for its quality and nutritional value.

European Rice

The European Rice Market can be sub-divided in two different segments.

INDICA RICE a long grain variety which represents around 25% of EU rice production

JAPONICA RICE , a short/medium grain variety which is the "traditional" European rice and represents around 75% of EU rice production.

EU is self-sufficient and even a net exporter for japonica rice

High Nutritional Value

The Perfect Dish

European rice is part of the culture and tradition of many civilizations and the perfect side to all dishes. Use it in salads, soups, with legumes, vegetables, chicken, meat or fish.
Enjoy unique and delightful recipes using European rice, either from traditional or modern cuisine.



Within the framework of the Action “Information provision and promotion measures on rice in Jordan, Lebanon and the U.A.E.”, with the distinctive title “EUROPEAN RICE”, several actions are realized in each country, for the promotion of European Rice across the Lebanese, Jordanian and UAE markets. Figures from the media and F&B wholesale industry, food and lifestyle bloggers, nutrition specialists, key retailers, distributors and importers of agricultural products participate in each action and are informed on the characteristics, unique quality and special benefits of European Rice.

The Region


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